Why is a Drug Detox or an Alcohol Detox Always so Painful?


People who have undergone a treatment at an addiction treatment center will still cringe at the memory of the time they spent at the center undergoing their detox period. Today, with the improvement of medicines, it has become easier to face a detoxification program, but it is still a harrowing time nonetheless. So, why is a drug detox or an alcohol detox so very painful?

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Adult Children of Alcoholics


Adult children of alcoholics have usually had very difficult lives. These are people who grew up in homes with parents who suffered from alcoholism. Or, perhaps the parent wasn’t even around and it was a grandparent or aunt. Either way, these individuals have many emotional and psychological issues to deal with. Continue reading

Women Drink for Different Reasons


We are learning more and more that alcoholism affects women quite differently than it does men. Physically, women feel the effects of alcohol faster and with more intensity than men do, pound for pound, due to certain hormones in the blood. Women tend to use different things to motivate them to quit drinking than men do, specifically be reinventing themselves and seeking out new passions in life. According to the book Women Under the Influence, which is based on research by The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, women also begin the path to alcoholism for different reasons. Continue reading