Why is a Drug Detox or an Alcohol Detox Always so Painful?


People who have undergone a treatment at an addiction treatment center will still cringe at the memory of the time they spent at the center undergoing their detox period. Today, with the improvement of medicines, it has become easier to face a detoxification program, but it is still a harrowing time nonetheless. So, why is a drug detox or an alcohol detox so very painful?

First, we must know what the main purpose of the detoxification program is. The main intention is to remove the addicting substance from the body of the person completely. During the period of abuse, the substance will have located itself deeply in the body and will have metabolized into various other forms too. If the substance is like heroin, it will continue creating cravings in the person for consuming more heroin. That is the reason why the substance needs to be completely removed from the body.

But the body will not like this sudden removal. Since the body was consuming this substance for a long time, it is only expected that the body will become uncomfortable when the substance is so unceremoniously removed. This is where the body begins to react violently. This is the dreadful period known as withdrawal, and this is the time which people remember as most taxing of their entire detox programs.

However, withdrawal has to occur, as without it, the person’s craving for the addicting substance will never end. That is the reason why, painful though it is, people have to suffer their detox period in the rehab.