Why is a Drug Detox or an Alcohol Detox Always so Painful?


People who have undergone a treatment at an addiction treatment center will still cringe at the memory of the time they spent at the center undergoing their detox period. Today, with the improvement of medicines, it has become easier to face a detoxification program, but it is still a harrowing time nonetheless. So, why is a drug detox or an alcohol detox so very painful?

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Cocaine Addiction Study


A recent study has shown that cocaine addiction and abuse can dull the brain’s sensitivity to rewards. This means that the individual will no longer feel as much pleasure from things in life that make most people happy. This research was conducted at the United States Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory. The participants included eighteen adults who were cocaine addicts along with a control group of eighteen adults who were not addicts. Similar studies have been performed in the past and discovered the same results of cocaine addicts’ brains not reacting to rewards as strongly as a healthy brain would. Continue reading