Special Kinds of Alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehab in Nevada

You will find that there are many kinds of specialty drug and alcohol rehab centers in Nevada. These centers are specifically designed for particular groups of people according to their various requirements. The following is a brief idea on what different kinds of specialty rehab centers are available for addiction treatment in Nevada.

1. The dual diagnosis treatment centers are very popular in substance abuse treatment in Nevada. These centers look into addiction treatment of people who also have some psychiatric problems. They will first put the patient into a detox program and when the detox program is completed, the patient is treated by a psychiatric doctor who will examine the patient and then decide what further approach at treatment must be employed.
2. The second important form of treatment is the day treatment program. This is actually an extended form of outpatient treatment catering to people with stronger addictions who may potentially have withdrawal symptoms when they are made to abstain. However, these withdrawals are not as severe as to warrant inpatient treatment. People are counseled in a group format for three to four hours a day, five to seven days a week.
3. There are also centers for drug and alcohol rehab in Nevada that are specially deigned for the LGBT population. These centers contain doctors who are sympathetic and sensitive to the emotional issues of people of this community. These centers provide an atmosphere where people from the LGBT community can get treatment without prejudice or bias.
4. There are also special treatment centers for the elderly as well as for the adolescents. These are designed at handling their specific age-related problems.