Relapse Prevention Assistance from an Intervention Program in California for Drug Abuse Treatment

The role of the intervention program in California does not get over when they encourage the person to get into treatment, handle the entire treatment procedure and then look into the discharge formalities. In fact, a major part of the treatment provided by drug intervention in California is provided after the person is brought back from the treatment center.

One of the most important things that the intervention program helps in is to help the person get readjusted into familiar surroundings. No person will find it comfortable to simply walk home after being discharged from a drug treatment program. Californian intervention programs know this quite well. That is the reason they actually escort the person home from the treatment center. Before the person is due to arrive, they train the family members on how they should behave and what they must say so that they can make the person feel more welcome. The family is also trained on relapse prevention methods.

This training is also provided to the person himself or herself. The idea that the detox program in California is never the end of the treatment process is emphasized. They are told about the efforts they will have to put in to stay away from the substance. The person is also trained by the intervention program on how to identify the risk factors that indicate an impending relapse and they are trained on how they should avoid these factors. They are also taught techniques like meditation and breathing exercises that can help them overcome a possibility of relapse.