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The fear of withdrawal is very powerful for most substance abusers.  This is because withdrawal from any drug—whether it is heroin, alcohol, crystal meth, or any other drug—can involve some really harsh symptoms.  No drug addict wants to go through them—ever.  This is a lot of what motivates addicts to keep taking their drugs day after day after day.  They don’t want to go through the withdrawal.

So, because of this fear of withdrawal, it can be difficult for a substance abuser to make the decision to go to a drug treatment center.  After all, there is a chance that they will experience some withdrawal if they go through a drug treatment program.  And many drug addicts really have no idea what goes on at these treatment centers—some think that a “cold turkey” approach is used.  This type of method would be sheer agony for an addict to go through.

Drug treatment centers have several different methods, though—and, the method used to help an addict may be different for each person.  There are also distinctive approaches that are used for specific drug addictions.  For instance, the way a treatment center helps someone who is addicted to heroin is unlike the approach used to help someone who is addicted to alcohol.  Treatment may also vary depending upon the length of time that a person has been addicted.

Many people are unaware that drug treatment centers often use other drugs in their treatment plans.  Sometimes giving an addict a different drug instead of the one to which he is addicted can help free him from his addiction.  Of course, the drugs given by the treatment center are not street drugs, nor are they addictive or harmful drugs.  Rather, they are drugs used to lessen an addicts craving for a drug or drugs that block the pleasant effects from the addict’s drug of choice.

Drug treatment centers use many other methods by which to assist people in giving up their addictions.  Counseling, both individual and in groups, is often offered.  Lifestyle classes may be given as well, because it is important for a substance abuser to change his lifestyle habits so that they do not revolve around the drug. 

Alternative therapies may also be given at some drug treatment centers.  These could include acupuncture, spa-type therapies, and laser or light therapy.

Quite a lot of drug treatment centers are ones in which the drug addict lives at the center for a period of time.  This type of immersion therapy is very beneficial to addicts because it takes them out of their normal, everyday surroundings and places them in a safe, drug-free setting.  These types of centers are usually more successful than out-patient centers.

But, no matter which type of drug treatment center an addict attends, there is usually a pretty good chance that the addict will return to his drug.  Many substance abusers, unfortunately, need to go through treatment center programs more than one time for them to actually be completely free of their addiction.