How does the Heroin Rehab Program in Nebraska take care of Relapse Prevention in the Addiction Treatment?

It is true that people who are in heroin addiction treatment can suffer from as many as ten to twelve relapses after the treatment and some of them can be so severe that the patient needs to be reentered into an inpatient treatment program. These statistics definitely hold true with the pattern of heroin addiction treatment in Nebraska. That is the reason why the heroin rehab program in Nebraska is designed so as to prevent people from having a relapse. The treatment is never over until the person has the remotest chance of a relapse. There are actually several policies adopted to prevent a relapse after a heroin addiction in Nebraska. The following are some of these methods.

1. The person is entered into an aftercare program where he or she is individually counseled about relapse. He or she is told that the detox program was definitely not the end of the treatment, but the treatment has indeed just begun. He or she is coached on what must be done to identify the risk factors and to avoid them.
2. A classroom education pattern may be adopted to coach people in a group about relapses associated with heroin addiction and how those can be prevented. Such sessions may contain up to 12 people.
3. Maintenance medication may be provided in the form of buprenorphine or methadone. These are taken under strict medical monitoring.
4. Family counseling is also included in the program so that they can be trained on how to keep the person away from any condition that can bring on a relapse.