Finding an Alcohol Rehab or Drug Rehab in Virginia

There are good options for alcohol and drug rehab in Virginia which are commensurate with the extent of the addiction problem within the state. These rehabs are all inpatient programs at the outset that go on to aftercare programs which could last for as much as a year. The inpatient programs are programs for detoxification, while the aftercare programs deal with issues like relapse prevention and family counseling among other things.

You can easily find options for alcohol and drug addiction treatment in Virginia in the areas of Alexandria, Arlington, Centreville, Chesapeake, Fairfax, Herndon, Leesburg, Newport News, Norfolk, Oakton, Portsmouth, Richmond, Roanoke and Springfield. These are the areas where the reputed and popular drug and rehab centers of Virginia lie that have the right kind of state licensing and accreditation, though you must ask an authority like the state health website of Virginia or contact on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website to find proof of such licensing.

If you do not live in these regions, even then you may find a suitable drug rehab center or alcohol rehab center in Virginia by searching on the Internet. Just make a specific search for Virginia and you will find several options. Select the one that is closest to you and check up on its program and the eligibility.

You can also find options from the telephone book under the Substance Abuse section. Look for the centers that are closest to you first, find out information about them and then go for the centers that are further away. If nothing else helps you, you can directly call the helpline for substance abuse in Virginia.