The Nature and Scope of the Drug Addiction and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program in Arkansas


Arkansas runs the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention program, abbreviated as ADAP, to help their people come out of their addictions and look forward to living a constructive sober life. The program tries to address issues such as alcohol addiction, drug addiction, tobacco usage and all other kinds of substance abuse that have made Americans in general and Arkansans in particular their victims.

This program is specifically designed for preventing substance abuse in Arkansas before the situation reaches monumental levels. The program is equipped to provide funds to treatment facilities and other programs that are active in the area of substance abuse prevention and addiction treatment in Arkansas and provide them with licenses to operate within the state. They also keep vigil on these programs to see that they are operating within the norms of the state rules.

There are many functions that the ADAP itself is obliged to provide. The main function is of course to fund treatment centers within the state. It can provide funds from the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant of the federation to statewide treatment and prevention programs for substance abuse, alcohol and drug detox programs in Arkansas, programs for disseminating information and creating awareness of the addiction problem within the state and several other such closely related bodies.

The ADAP runs an awareness program for drug and alcohol addiction in Arkansas from time to time. This is in supplementation with intervention programs, workshops and several other forms of direct involvements in the eradication of alcohol and substance abuse from Arkansas.