The Basic Premise of Programs for Alcohol Addiction and Drug Addiction in South Carolina

With an overwhelming drug and alcohol addiction problem, it is no wonder that South Carolina has launched several programs to rid itself of these scourges. However, it is not enough for a state as much into addiction as South Carolina to adopt the strategies that every other state adopts. Something definitive is needed. That is the reason South Carolina has been tackling the issue of addiction in a very aggressive, yet slightly different, manner. The addiction treatment program in South Carolina employs the assistance of families of the addicted patients to the hilt. Right from the point of intervention to the point of the aftercare counseling where the person is equipped to identify high risk factors of relapse and avoid them, the family is involved. The family is taught on how to cope with the situation, how not to become a codependent, how to come to terms with the situation and help the patient to go through the entire treatment program effectively. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment in South Carolina also includes the employers to a large extent. There are special kinds of funded programs for employers who wish to intervene in their employee’s addiction treatment programs. In this case, the employers are made to understand how they should deal with the situation and look after the patient’s welfare at the same time keeping the productivity of his or her enterprise in mind.

A lot of the addiction treatment program in South Carolina depends on proper campaigning. The state believes in catching them young; hence campaigning is quite prominent in the schools and colleges where addictions mostly begin. There are educational programs and workshops that are funded by the government to teach people about problems of addiction and how to avoid them.