Finding an Intervention Professional


When family and friends decide to set up an addiction intervention for a loved one, it is essential that it be done with the help of a professional. Overseeing one of these sessions is a delicate task that can make the situation worse when not performed correctly. This is a critical time that can determine the future of an addict’s life, so it’s important to take care when planning the addiction intervention.

Many counselors, therapists, and doctors might offer drug intervention services, but are they really qualified to do so? Even emergency room doctors sometimes think they can perform an intervention. Unfortunately, most psychologists are not even equipped to do so. People suffering from long-term alcoholism and drug abuse are notoriously unstable and illogical. One missed opportunity or an incorrect assessment of the situation can make an intervention create more problems than good.

Specialized training and skills are necessary for the session to have the best chance of success, which is usually defined as getting the addict to agree to entering a residential drug rehab facility. The more prior experience the professional has in observing or overseeing addiction interventions, the better. It is difficult to find someone who really knows what they’re doing in many areas of the country.

What other qualities should you look for in an intervention professional? Besides specialized training, they should be easy to contact at any time of day or night should an emergency arise. They should be licensed in a field such as psychology, medicine, or social work. They should have expert knowledge of addiction treatment programs, rehab facilities, and medications. Finally, experience working in crisis situations such as an emergency room is ideal. Knowing how to provide help in an emergency as well as a routine situation will help the addiction intervention process go as smoothly as possible, regardless of which road it takes.