What Happens in a Drug Rehabilitation Program?

Many drug addicts wonder what actually happens in a drug rehabilitation program. Some of them are curious and others are a little anxious. They don’t want to sign up for something they don’t completely understand.

Drug abusers know that drug rehabilitation programs help them to not use drugs, but many don’t understand exactly how they work.When you first go to a drug rehabilitation program, you’ll have a preliminary evaluation. This is typically with a trained counselor that will take your history of drug abuse and other information. They will take detailed information from you about your life’s drug use and other circumstances.

The next step is abstinence, getting away from drugs. The goal for every drug addict or drug abuser is for them to get away from using drugs completely. This is called abstinence by most programs. During this time, addicts learn about drug addiction to understand their disease. This helps to empower them and help them to better understand their circumstances.

Addicts then attend typically a combination of counseling and 12-step programs. Some programs have group and individual counseling for addicts. Some programs also do family or relationship counseling. The goal of all of this counseling is to help the addict understand the role of relationships in their life – as the relationships can often trigger drug and alcohol use. Sometimes relationships need to be changed in order for the addict to be more successful. Attending counseling helps the addict understand both themselves and their relationships better.

A drug treatment program can be quite intense and at times a little overwhelming. There are times it puts you in a position where you need to examine issues you may not have thought about – that are very important to consider. But by facing your inner demons you are able to find your abstinence and peace.