Using Addiction Experiences for a Good Cause


Many addiction treatment programs are proponents of giving back to one’s community and society once addiction recovery is maintained. National groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, as well as many rehab facilities mention this in their programs.

Counselors may also encourage addicts to give back as a part of the path to healing the pain of drug addiction and alcoholism.People who deal with substance addiction usually take more than they contribute to society when their lives are ruled by drugs and alcohol. They often hurt those around them, as well as their community as a whole by engaging in illegal activities, acts of violence, or driving while intoxicated. By participating in some type of community service, they are able to give back and use their experiences with addiction for a good cause.

Perhaps the most common way that individuals decide to give back is by helping spread awareness of alcoholism and drug addiction. This can be done in many ways. For example, someone in addiction recovery can speak to youth about the potential dangers of alcohol and drugs. First person accounts often make a bigger impact than statistics and random lectures. They can help other addicts who are just beginning to overcome these problems in their lives by sharing experience and offering support. Another option is volunteering at a treatment center.

It takes time before an addict is ready and able to give back to their community. Addiction recovery must be maintained for some time before the individual is ready and able to be helpful. In the beginning stages of abstinence, they are more likely to relapse back to drug and alcohol abuse. A period of time is needed for them to be able to think clearly about their experiences so that they can impart the wisdom they have about alcoholism or drug addition to others.