The Counseling Therapies included in the Aftercare of Detox Program for Alcohol Addiction in Tennessee

The state of Tennessee is very firm in the belief that the detox program is never the end point of the addiction. In fact, this is considered to be only the start of the entire treatment program for alcohol addiction in Tennessee. What is most critical is not how the detox program takes place; the most critical aspect is what happens after the detox program. The patient is always quite vulnerable after a detox treatment because he or she has abstained from the substance for a while. Due to this reason, there can be a strong relapse as soon as the person is let go from the detoxification program in Tennessee.

That is the reason there is a very strong aftercare therapy put in place in all centers for alcohol rehab in Tennessee that is meant to immediately follow the detox program. This aftercare mainly deals with relapse prevention techniques. The patient is made to understand the risk factors that can cause the relapse and is taught how he or she must stay away from those factors. The intention is to avert a relapse as much as possible. This is why the aftercare program will also involve the family of the patient very emphatically. The family is made to understand the best way to cope with the aftermath of the alcohol addiction treatment.

Therapies are conducted both in individual as well as in group format. The group therapies are a combined teaching program on various aspects of alcohol addiction aftercare, while the individual program for alcohol addiction treatment in Tennessee is more about answering individual issues of the person and monitoring the progress of treatment.