Detoxification Treatment used in a Heroin Rehab Center in Connecticut

Heroin is certainly one of the most addictive drugs in the world. The treatment from this substance is not easy because of the severe withdrawal that it causes when the person is forced to stop using the drug. But detoxification is extremely essential if a person has to be treated of a heroin dependency. There are two main reasons. The first is that the person will never be out of a heroin addiction unless and until there is any trace of the substance left in the body, because heroin can cause craving for more of itself. Secondly, even if a person stops using heroin without the detox program, which is very unlikely, the toxins present within the body will cause health complications.

That is the reason the heroin treatment program in Connecticut lays such great emphasis on detoxification. Detoxification is carried out in an inpatient treatment center in Connecticut. The patient is made to abstain from heroin which will cause extremely violent withdrawal effects within 48 hours of abstinence. Methadone is the drug of choice used to mitigate the withdrawal effects that occur during heroin detox in Connecticut.

But at the same time, the detox program in Connecticut for a drug like heroin will not stop at that. Patients are made to go through an aftercare treatment program in an outpatient setting or, better, in a residential treatment setting. Here, maintenance medications are provided to the patient for a long time and they are trained on how to combat the urges for a relapse. Such maintenance treatments can go on for three to six months.