Why are Most Drug Rehab Programs so Drastic


You must certainly have heard about drug rehab programs being excruciatingly painful and drastic and all that, and it must be said that most of it is true. If someone is hooked onto a life-consuming drug for a pretty long time, it is just not possible to bring them out of the addiction in the matter of a day. This is going to be a very arduous journey with a lot of pain for everyone involved.

But, having said that, it is also important to mention that today there are several drug rehab centers that are making this long and painful process simpler for their residents. They are using cutting edge medicines and treatment procedures that are making the withdrawal symptoms (these are actually the most painful part of the entire addiction treatment process) quite bearable.

Coming back to our first point, why are drug rehab programs so excruciating? There’s a reason for that. All drugs – heroin, crystal meth, whatever – take a severe toll on your life. One of the first things that they will do is that they will house themselves in the immune system and get the body used to them. Within a short while, the body will become so dependent on this drug that it will react violently when the drug is not available for consumption. This is exactly what happens in a drug rehab program. When the person is cut off from the drug, the body reacts in a very aggressive manner. Cold turkey occurs. This period is typified by drastic pains, severe stomach problems, hallucinations, fevers and chills and a lot more.

Medicines have made this period simpler to bear. But the fact remains that drug rehab treatment is not easy. It is quite demanding on the addict, the treatment programs as well as the friends and family of the person in question.