Why Addiction Treatement is not always Successful


Drug addiction and alcoholism treatment programs work, but they are not able to work every single time for every patient who comes through. Success rates are much lower than that, and there are many reasons why.

By understanding what makes a rehab center effective for an addict, you can do everything possible to be in the percentage of patients who are able to maintain long-term recovery from the chronic disease of addiction. When you are making the effort to change your life for the better, you deserve to have everything possible on your side.Rehab programs are most successful when the correct one is chosen. Different methods will work for different people. Most places will do an evaluation of your drug and alcohol addiction history to make sure that you are a good fit for their treatment program. Think carefully about what you believe would help you to be successful. In a perfect world, what would allow you to beat substance abuse? Look for these qualities when you are researching treatment centers.

Being committed is another extremely important factor in going through detox, beginning to create the life that you deserve through addiction treatment, and being able to maintain recovery. You can’t give up drugs and alcohol if you don’t develop the motivation to do so somewhere along the way. This also means staying long enough to get all of the help and learn all of the skills that you will need to beat substance abuse. Research shows that it takes a minimum of three months for most people. A rehab center can help build your motivation, but it can’t create it from scratch. This process requires a lot of hard work, but there are amazing rewards in the end. Remember that it will become easier over time, and when you are struggling, focus on getting through one day at a time.