Methamphetamine and Crystal Meth Addiction in Louisiana

Despite several efforts over the last ten years, the prevalence of methamphetamine in Louisiana has been increasing. In fact, methamphetamine made its present felt in Louisiana just ten years back and since then it has continued to be a problem. The reason is that it is very difficult to stop the influx of methamphetamine into the state. Most of the methamphetamine that comes into the state of Louisiana comes from the neighboring states through the roadways. Such illegal trafficking also sources itself from as far as Mexico. Though the number of traffic interdiction points has only increased and the border security measures have only tightened over the years, there is no perceptible decrease in the amount of methamphetamine addiction in Louisiana.

In addition, there is the large number of clandestinely operating methamphetamine labs that are adding in a major way to the problem. These labs are operated by small families in several areas of Louisiana and they synthetically produce methamphetamine with everyday ingredients, the most common of them being cough syrups containing ephedrine and pseudoephedrine. Each of these labs can produce as many as ten pounds of methamphetamine in a day. They also produce the very pure form of methamphetamine known as crystal meth, also known as ice.

The areas that get the most amounts of meth and crystal meth in Louisiana are the nightclubs and the rave parties that the youth frequent. The prevalence of the substance among the young population of the state makes the problem infinitely more serious.