How Substance Abuse can Affect Your Career


Everyone knows that a career is incredibly important in life. Having a means to support yourself is crucial. While some like to further their careers for both personal and financial reasons, others only feel the need to keep their career and job steady.

Unfortunately, a substance abuse problem can make it difficult to keep the career going. Issues that arise from substance abuse problems can be enough to completely obliterate a career.Drug abuse can lead to multiple unhealthy mood swings and drug binges. During these mood swings and drug binges, those with the abuse problem fail to have a clear concept of time and importance. The only thing important in their lives is the drug, and the feeling they get from it. Because of this, many with a substance abuse problem will show up late to work. Others will fail to show up on random occasions. Any excess of absences spells disaster for a career. Showing up late to work, on a consistent basis, is never a good thing. Both of these things can ruin your standing in a company. If done too much, both of these things can cause someone to lose either job.

In the world of careers, word travels. In the career world, connections and recommendations are everything. Potential employers look to past jobs and current references and recommendations when consider who they are hiring. Someone with a drug addiction problem has most likely been fired from their latest job (or multiple jobs). Attempting to explain why you were fired, and why you have a lack of references, will not look positive. A substance abuse problem can do more than ruin a career; it can make it impossible to get a decent job.