How are Drug Courts helping solve the Problem of Drug Abuse and Alcohol Abuse in Utah?

Drug courts have proved to be a major contribution to reduce the problem of drug and alcohol abuse in Utah. When a person in Utah is convicted of a crime that is related to a drug and alcohol habit, the person is ordered into a rehab program within the state. This is compulsory for them, without which they could have a curtailment of some of their rights or they may even be imprisoned. The length of this treatment program in Utah is decided upon the nature of the person’s addiction and of course, the seriousness of the crime. In most cases, this rehab treatment is provided in a residential treatment center in Utah.

The best benefit here is that these people are made to undergo some kind of treatment for their condition. If that were not the case, then the patients would have stayed with their addiction and even after the spell in prison, they would have fallen back into the addiction and probably even commit the offense again. By forcing them to go through addiction treatment in a rehab center in Utah, what the state is doing is ensuring that at least the apprehended convicts do not commit a crime again. With a success rate hovering at 98%, i.e. with 98% of the people not committing repeat offenses after they have to go through a drug court program, this is definitely a significant contribution to curbing the problem of drug and alcohol addiction in Utah. There are severe programs for people who have been caught with repeat offenses.