Drug Rehab Treatment Resources-Who Pays for Drug Rehab?


Drug rehab is an expensive treatment and it is not all families that can afford it. Mercifully, there are some options that can provide the required finance to go through such a treatment.

Almost every state government has a plan by which substance abuse treatment can be covered for. There are also some state plans that work in conjunction with national plans. You can look for the requirements of these plans and then apply for the necessary kind of finance.

Insurance coverage for drug rehab treatment will not be very easy to find. But there are some carriers who do have this policy, more so in today’s times when drug addiction is being considered to be a mental disease. If you have to put yourself or some close family member into rehab, you must know whether the treatment will be covered. You can call the insurance company about this and see what they cover. Most insurance companies that cover the treatment will cover only the medical part of it, such as the detox program. They will not cover the aftercare and counseling session costs. That is why you must find out what they will exactly cover for.

You must also ask them whether the rehab center you are planning to get the admission into is covered by their policy. These policies may not work for all drug rehab centers.

One more thing that you must do is to ask the doctor at the rehab center what part of the treatment will actually be covered by the said insurance policy. This will give you a better idea of what exactly to expect.