Why do Kids Get Into Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction


It is alarming to see how so many children at a global level are getting into drug abuse and drug addiction in the world around us today. Children as young as eight-graders have already used marijuana and by the time they are in tenth grade, they have graduated to heroin and cocaine.

There are such disturbing facts and figures out there that you are sure to lose sleep if you have your own kids that age.But the question is, why do kids get into substance abuse? What’s there in it for them?

There are many reasons. The most important reason blooms for their personalities. Children who suffer from an attention seeking disorder would want to become the center of attention everywhere he or she goes. But, if the kid has no talent or academic brilliance to fall back upon, he or she may resort to other reprehensible ways to get attention. If there are drugs in the vicinity, and the kid knows how to get them, you can count on a drug addict being formed out of the kid.

Children also think that nothing can happen to them. Life has not yet shown them its true form and children have a superhero feeling that they can get away with anything. This is another important factor that brings them closer to this vice.

Some kids get into substance abuse due to curiosity. They see someone doing it, and they want to find out what it is all about. They may want to get just a little taste of it, but then it grows into an drug addiction.

All these ways that make drug addicts out of children are indeed very unfortunate. It will require a lot of understanding of child psychology to really take this evil out of their young lives.