What to Expect from Substance Abuse Treatment


The Center for Disease Control reports that many people are disappointed with the results of substance abuse treatment.  People are under the misconception that once a person is free of drug use they are cured.  This is not true. 

 Drug addiction and substance abuse are diseases.  The addict must live with this disease the rest of his or her life.This misconception usually calm was filed the wrong notion that all a person has to do to overcome their addiction is get clean.  Society, in general, feels that a person who reverts back to drug use has no willpower.  This is not true.  Just because a person is drug-free after going through a substance-abuse treatment does not mean they will remain drug-free.

Substance abuse treatment programs are designed to meet the special needs of each individual.  The first thing they all do is teach the person about who they really are.  An addict has been living in a drug-induced stupor for so long they may not even remember who they really are.  Rehab programs are designed for the user to search themselves. Someone who suffers from drug abuse is taught how to deal with emotions.  They are taught how to interact with people again.  They are taught to recognize warning signs which could lead to a relapse.

A person who has successfully gone through a substance abuse treatment program will always be a recovering addict.  They need a strong support group to help them in their day to day lives.  They need to know there is an alternative to the drug abuse or alcohol abuse.  This is why family is so important to the success of drug and alcohol rehab centers.

Next time you hear someone say they have clean and sober for X. amount of days, they should be congratulated.  The process is one step at a time, one day at a time.