What Kind Of People Are Not Suited For The Outpatient Treatment Program For Drug Abuse In Oregon?

Though the outpatient treatment program in Oregon may seem to be the most convenient option for addiction treatment, it is not always effective. Actually, the program is quite limited in the kind of people that can benefit from it. When you enter and outpatient treatment program for addiction treatment in Oregon, you are actually visiting a treatment center for about eight to ten hours a week and staying at home the rest of the time. There is no constant medical supervision. The treatment program is more about counseling and some maintenance medicinal therapy than anything else. As such, the treatment program cannot be expected to work for everyone.

The following are the kinds of people who should not consider an outpatient treatment program for drug treatment in Oregon:-

People whose addictions have been with them for a long time will not benefit much with an outpatient program for the simple reason that their bodies have too many toxins to make such a program effective. What they will really need is a detox treatment program that can remove the toxins from their body and thus make the treatment effective.

People who have some mental sickness will also not be well suited for this program. In this case, people cannot make their resolutions to stay away from the substance. Also, because of the mental condition, the patient might actually want to stay with the addiction as an all-forgetting experience. Outpatient treatment will not be able to tackle this issue.

People with some kind of physical or chronic ailment should also consider a different option that can treat their addiction and the ailment concurrently.