Kinds of Alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehab in Pennsylvania

Any state that has close to 90,000 people seeking addiction treatment each year will definitely have a lot of alcohol and drug rehabilitation options, won’t it? Pennsylvania, which has this number of people checking into rehab each year, surely needs to keep up with the high demand. It is not surprising to know that you will find a drug or alcohol rehab in Pennsylvania almost in every city and town and some of them also have more than one center. What’s more important than that is the fact that centers mostly run state qualified programs and almost all are licensed. That is a clear indication that the government has really taken it vehemently upon itself to eradicate the problems of drug addiction and alcohol addiction in Pennsylvania.

However, not every rehab center in Pennsylvania will have the same program. There are many differences in the way these programs are conceptualized and implemented. The state mainly has outpatient programs, intensive outpatient programs, inpatient programs, detoxification programs, day treatment programs, dual diagnosis programs and many more.

The outpatient programs allow the patient to stay at home, but come in twice or thrice for treatment. The intensive outpatient treatment program in Pennsylvania will require the patient to put in more hours of therapy. The detox program is more about biologically cleansing the body of the residual toxins that the addictive substance must have left in the body, but if an aftercare therapy is included after that, then it becomes a complete inpatient treatment program.

Day treatment programs are quite convenient because they need the patient to attend the rehab only for few hours in a day which allow them to carry on their routine activities. The dual diagnosis method is a very elaborate method that treats mental addiction in parallel with the alcohol or drug addiction.