Why is the Relapse Prevention so Important in Every Treatment Center for Drug Addiction in Delaware?

Relapse prevention has been much emphasized in the addiction treatment program in Delaware. When someone has completed a detox treatment in Delaware, that person is asked to go in for a relapse prevention program at either an inpatient treatment setting such as a residential treatment program or in an outpatient treatment setting. However, the relapse prevention is something that definitely cannot be avoided and without that, the treatment will never be considered to be complete.

The state program on drug addiction treatment in Delaware makes things amply clear. It states that the detox treatment is just a physical form of treatment. During this treatment, all that happens is that the person is cleaned biologically for all the traces of the substance that is present within the body of the person. But this can hardly be called as complete treatment because the addiction does not reside in the body of the person, but in the brain. It is the brain that holds on the addiction by causing the temptation for the substance in a recurring manner. The crux of this all is that the person’s brain needs to be conditioned in order to overcome the urge for the substance, and only then can the treatment be said to be completed.

This is what the relapse prevention part of addiction treatment in Delaware comes into play. Through counseling, motivation and education, the patient is taught how to overcome these urges. In most centers for rehab treatment in Delaware, the patient’s family is also included in the treatment program, because they can effectively help the patient to come out of these recurrent urges.