Understanding the Rapid Heroin Detox Program

Rapid heroin detox is certainly a breath of good news for people who are skeptical of heroin rehab because of the very excruciating withdrawal process involved. The rapid drug detox program is actually used for all addiction treatment of all opiate drugs.

It is a very good treatment method for heroin addiction as it is the most widely used opiate used in the world today.The main principle of the rapid heroin detox program is to anesthetize the person and then conduct the medicinal therapy to allow the detox to occur. Painkillers are provided right before the anesthesia is provided so that they will not break the anesthetic spell because of the pain. Generally, the heroin withdrawal is associated with a lot of pain and this is what makes the normal detox difficult. In a rapid detox, most of the withdrawal symptoms occur when the person is under the effect of anesthesia. That is the reason why these effects are not felt so drastically.

Due to the intensive nature of the rapid drug detox program, this treatment procedure cannot be carried out at the patient’s home. Rapid drug detox is always conducted in a hospital setting or in a healthcare institution under the expert professional guidance of doctors and nurses.

The best benefit of the rapid detox program in drug addiction treatment is that this is a very fast process, just as the name suggests. The entire detoxification process can be conducted within the span of one day, and if any withdrawal symptoms are to occur, they happen within four to six hours of the commencement of the treatment. Since the anesthetic effect lasts for a longer time than that, this is the most convenient method used in opiate drug addiction treatment today.