Make the Right Choice: Substance Abuse Programs


Unfortunately many addicts do not understand that they do indeed have a drug problem. Drugs are a serious problem that affect every minute of your daily life. A drug addict is unable to think clearly, decisions are harder to make because thinking has become an arduous process for the drug abuser, communication is normally cut between the drug abuser with his or her family and friends, among many other changes in a drug addicts life. Continue reading

About Cocaine


In the beginning cocaine abuse doesn’t seem as bad is it ends up being. A little bit seems to put a nice spin on everything you do. But cocaine turns that spin into a fast moving spiral. That bump that you wanted becomes the line that you need. Then it becomes constant use, all day long. No longer are you using cocaine while you are doing other activities. You are now managing to do other things while you use cocaine. Finally you are using cocaine in places, and around people, that you never thought you would. No matter how much you increase your use, you will never get back to the feeling of the first high. Continue reading

More Addiction Patients Seeking Drug Abuse Help


A new study shows that more of the people in rehab facilities are getting help for drug abuse than in the past. The percentage of patients who received treatment for alcohol abuse declined in 2006, while the ratio of patients seeking drug treatment rose. Continue reading